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Our company, in the simplest terms

Stargold’s ecommerce platform has been combined with BINANCE's blockchain technology, which is the industry leader. Stargold’s solution highlights how blockchain technology may be utilised to tackle the problem of digital asset validation, such as a photo of a certified item sold online. The online consumer is assured of a proof of the digital asset on the blockchain, which is certified by a company like Binance, with this strategy.

The STARGOLD team is working hard to entice a large number of investors to help create a bridge connecting the BINANCE TECHNOLOGY worlds.
It's a blockchain revolution with an e-commerce solution in a new approach. In this awful day of diminished trust and fraud, it is critical to provide a trustworthy platform.

Why choose us

CHOOSING a right platform IS TOUGH.
let us convince you

Data Decentralisation

Decentralization is the cycle by which the exercises of an association,
especially those with respect to arranging and dynamic.

Diligenced by The Best

Our technical infrastructure has been audited by security and
devops teams at the leading protocols, exchanges and custodians.

Optimal Rewards

We use custom software to optimize rewards based on the unique dynamics of each chain or protocol we support.


It has been the trusted staking and defi lending partner of choice
to the leading projects, investment funds, exchanges.

Channel Expansion

By providing markets where anybody can sell their products and
services, blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

business Integration

It has the ability to communicate with both old and modern systems.
A blockchain offers a merchant a plethora.

our services


Broadest Asset Coverage

With support for 30+ assets and 15+ more coming soon, Staked delivers rewards across the broadest range of crypto assets.

Multi-Asset Reporting

Designed for fund admins and accountants, the block-level reporting is exportable, and includes all staking and delegation transactions.


With blockchain technology, users may automatically and manually share and securely store digital growcap/assets.

Unlimited earnings opportunities

There are no limitations on the amount you can earn. Invite as many people as you like. The more people who create accounts and trade

Business Processes Integration

A blockchain has the ability to communicate with both old and modern systems. From the perspective of an e-commerce seller, he may integrate his online stores with a variety of procedures, partners, and internal and external systems.

Expansion of the channel

By providing markets where anybody may sell their goods and services, blockchains and cryptocurrencies have ushered in a new era of decentralisation in e-commerce.These user interfaces allow merchants target the cryptocurrency-savvy audience and extend their retail channels.

OUR qualities


No Staked customer has suffered losses due to slashing or extended downtime.

Programmatic access to all staking, defi lending and reporting functionality makes integrations easy and seamless.

A blockchain-based e-commerce system eliminates the need for multiple gateway logins while also providing increased security for purchases. It allays customer fears and increases visibility, which aids adoption.

decentralizing ecommerce platform

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